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National Science Week 2006

International Conference on Memory 2006

The international conference on memory was held at the University of New South Wales in July 2006.  The following are articles inspired by this interesting and challenging area of science.

Brain's fingerprint detects deception
Mike Tran and Catherine Beehag

Scientists weed out memory impairments in dopey subjects
Catherine Beehag

Glucose: Not too little and not too much is just right
Rebecca Stern

Being drunk in exams is a god thing… or is it?
Ariella Moldovan

opnion Opinion

OnSET wants your opinion!

   Where have all the scientists gone? - SMH 19/07/06
                The Science Deficit… SMH 20/07/06
  Report warns of dire scientist shortage… SMH 20/07/06
         Focus on Science, or industry is history.. SMH 25/07/06

What do high school, undergraduate, postgraduate science students and their lecturers think about the neglect of science and scientists in Australia.
We would like your comments in 250 words or less for issue 7 of OnSET UNSW’s online science, engineering and technology magazine.

If you’re a science student: Do you feel valued as a young scientist by the public, media, government your peers? Do you think people are interested in science?, Where do you plan to work in the future Australia or overseas?, What changes or steps do you think the government should take to recognise science and young scientists?.
If you are a lecturer: What insights or experiences have you had where science in general or your work has gone relatively unnoticed by the public, media or government. Why are scientists in your opinion leaving Australia?, Any other insights you wish to add, including what changes or steps do you think the government should take to recognise science and young scientists?.

Here’s a good place to start or feel free to take any angle you wish you don’t have to answer these questions but they are something to think about. Also take a read of the article from the SMH on the 25th of July 06. click here >

Cool Science

"Bond with me?" - Nanokids' Head to School Nanokids
Isa Chan
Chemistry has been considered by many school children as the most tedious science subject with no relevance to human society.  Dr. Tour of Rice University put his mind to solve this problem and came up with Nanokids, miniture 'people' that make science fun. more >

Why Brewing a Bathtub Full of Wine and Then Drinking All of it Can Be Bad
Lindsey Wu
Always thought that the major problem with homebrew was the taste? Well, unfortunatley for home brewer's there are bigger problems that that. more >

Tapeworms May Hold the Key to a 100% Effective Unisex Contraceptive
Lindsey Wu and Sarah Wood
Did you think that the contraception revolution occured with the introduction of the contraceptive Pill? Well think again.  Researchers from Keele University in the UK have come up with a parasite that may do the job...more >


Poliomyelitis Part One - Pathology
Navjot Chaudhary

Poliomyelitis Part Two - Eradication Programs
Navjot Chaudhary


The World Around Us

Multiverse Theories
Joel Wray

Ever wondered if there was alternate universes?  Well so do Multiverse theorsists. more >

Science and Society

Breaking the Barriers Between Indigenous and Non-Indigneous People
Emily Kwok

Unfortunatley, cultural differences are often overlooked when interacting with Indigenous people.  The P.R.I.D.E system takes a look at how to redress this problem in an interview setting.

Note: We have done our best to acknowledge all sources of information used in writing these articles. All pictures are used with copyright permission. Acknowledgements: As Managing Editors of 2006 (Anita Ayer, Catherine Beehag and Sarah Wood), we would like to thank the Production Team for Issue 6. Special thanks for technical support to Richard Brasier and all past editors who continue to support OnSET.

Contribute to OnSET: We are currently looking for articles to be published in future issues. Do you have an interesting report, assignment, or project lying around? Send it in. If you would like to refine your work or write a new piece, please see the section on submissions regarding guidelines for submitting your articles. Email your contributions to


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