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OnSET is an online science magazine, written and produced by students. [more]

OnSET Issue 6 launches for UNSW Info Day 2006!

Worldwide Day in Science
University students from around the world are taking a snapshot of scientific endeavour.

View A Day in the Life of Science in Australia 2005.

Sunswift III
The UNSW Solar Racing Team is embarking on an exciting new project, to design and build the most advanced solar car ever built in Australia.

Outreach Centre for Sciences
UNSW Science students can visit your school to present an exciting Science Show or planetarium session.

South Pole Diaries
Follow the daily adventures of UNSW astronomers at the South Pole and Dome C through these diaries.



Mission statement
Brief history

OnSET is an entirely student-run online science journal, indeed, it is Australia’s first such journal. It joins highly touted online science journals run by students of America’s ivy league universities.

We, the student staff at OnSET, have a mission to communicate science in an interesting and fun way to high school and undergraduate students, whether they have a scientific background or not. We aim to discuss current research (especially research conducted at UNSW) and history of science, as well as topical issues such as medical ethics.

Through this process, we hope to help UNSW students develop their written communication and management skills by writing, editing, running and marketing the journal. These skills are invaluable in the competitive world of both research and commercial science.

The UNSW Science Faculty believes that these skills are important enough to merit awarding academic credit for involvement in OnSET. For more information, see:

Virtual Handbook: SCOM2505 Science Communication Project A


New Courses in Science Communication (and scroll down)


contact the SCOM Program director, Will Rifkin at willrifkin@unsw.edu.au



OnSET was the brainchild Dr Kathy Takayama (Immunology), who persuaded Dr Will Rifkin (Science Communication) to take on day-to-day advising of the undertaking. Initial work on the journal was begun in 2001 with students compiling a 30-page feasibility study based on examination of other student-run journals. In 2002, drafts of articles were collected, and editorial processes were established. The first issue of OnSET saw the light of day in July 2003, in time for National Science Week.

As an entirely student-run production, OnSET can offer a number of different positions, including writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, and web design. OnSET is a great way to meet fellow students who enjoy science communication in both a collaborative and social setting.

Download the Blue Banana promotional postcard (PDF)
Read about OnSET's plans for CASOC affiliation


A word from our sponsors...

OnSET thanks the following groups for their generous support:

UNSW U Committee

The U Committee is a group of friends of the University, including staff, spouses of staff, and any others who wish to contribute to the University. Since its inception in 1963, this charity has raised over $2,000,000 for many projects and activities on campus that otherwise may not have been funded.

Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

The Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education and Quality Improvement) oversees learning and teaching at UNSW. It is responsible for for ensuring that UNSW provides a stimulating, intellectually challenging and satisfying educational experience for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

Faculty of Science

Science UNSW - The Best Choice

The Faculty of Science and the Science Communication Program provide financial and logistical support to students working for OnSET. OnSET staff are also grateful for the ongoing advice provided by Dr Will Rifkin, Director of the Science Communication Program, and to staff in the Science@UNSW office for marketing assistance.

School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences


OnSET expresses its thanks to Dr Kathy Takayama for her vision and assistance with funding, and to BABS and Science Faculty Imaging Unit staff for Web Support.


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